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Supporting Clients at the Follow Up Appointment

An opportunity to explore the underlying causes of clients rejecting their amplification devices, beyond those related to just “settling in”, and to find some practical solutions to use straight away back in clinic . This interactive course addresses the art of effective fine-tuning, and client-tailored support strategies and explores the role of auditory training regimes for the successful outcome of your fittings, to liberate those hearing instruments out of the drawer and back into your client’s ears.


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By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Recognise underlying causes of dissatisfaction with hearing aid performance beyond those related to general “settling in”
  • Evaluate the impact of acclimitisation and other influencing factors on reactive fine-tuning
  • Reflect on the areas of expectation and motivation and setting realistic goals
  • Describe tools available to assess how auditory training would be useful

Compare and contrast strategies for improved listening and processing


Delegates must be working in the field of Audiology as a Registered Audiologist.