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Revision of Core Clinical Competencies

Designed for qualified Audiologists returning to practice after extended leave, or those who have not been able to offer the full range of Audiology services for a while, this course is an ideal opportunity to shake off the cobwebs and refresh your knowledge of core Audiological competencies such as Masking, QuickSin, Tympanometry, Acoustic Reflexes, Impressions, & REM’s.




By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Discuss ear anatomy, physiology and common ear conditions in relation to the procedures
  • Describe own scope of practice for each procedure and recognise when to refer on
  • Recognise any updates or changes in best practice guidance
  • Compare and contrast equipment, principles, and contraindications for each procedure
  •  Evaluate the relative clinical benefits of conducting these procedures
  • Perform* the procedures based on current recognised professional best practice guidance
  • Reflect on the impact of the test results on the future care of the patient/client
*during the training some procedures may be discussion/demonstration only




1) Delegates must be experienced in Otoscopy and currently performing it in practice. Delegates who do not meet this criteria will be invited to attend the Ear Examination (Otoscopy) course first.

2) Delegates must be working in the field of Audiology as a Registered Audiologist