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SUPERSIZE your Audiology Sales

A fun and interactive 3 day course which covers 8 key modules that will enable you to have a greater understanding of how to convert those key appointments to sales without compromising on customer care.




Are you keen to improve your conversion rate?

Or what about increase your average selling price?

Maybe you just want to refresh you current approach?

Or are keen to see if you can sharpen up your techniques?

There’s also the chance you want to do this without coming across as too salesy!

 If this is the case then this is the perfect course for you.

Because whilst the goal is to sell hearing aids – it is actually to help as many individuals with a hearing loss, make an educated decision regarding what to do next.

Put simply if you put helping a client’s hearing at the heart of what you do – they will choose to improve their hearing with you.

In summary this course will help you:

  • Uncover common ground with a client without coming across as disingenuous
  • Discover your customer’s ‘real  why’ for being in your clinic
  • Unearth marginal gains throughout your consultation that when added together, will put you head and shoulders above your competitors with your price conversations with your customers
  • Give you the confidence to ensure more clients say yes to your help

Delivered by Joe Whibley of The Gleevolution Factory – who has many years experience in the audiology industry – this course promises to be fun, interactive, educational and motivational.




Ideally suited to those who have a keen interest in increasing their practice’s sale performance and those with limited sales experience; such as graduates and dispensers moving from NHS to commercial business.